They Told Me To Go To Rehab

Apartment number 1 it is; my home for the extent of my Egyptian experience. I am now an official member of the Rehab community and to be honest, I fit in. With an unusually large number of Syrians located within the gated confines of a district of around 300,000 (more than St. Paul), my light skin blends in without much effort. The souq has become one of my favorite hangouts. I have extreme trouble saying no to a trip to this outdoor market; perhaps mostly because I know if I go there will be some tasty Syrian morsel in it for me; to name a few shawarma, falafel, and meze.

Back to my apartment though. It only took two days of homelessness – well couch surfing – before finding this gem. Really, all the work fell on my roommate Kobie. He found the place and Kyle and myself just joined in. We were all in the same situation and banded together. I moved in the first day I was allowed to due to my situation. I had to take all of my bags with me from Pia’s Heliopolis apartment to school. After classes, I headed out to the gates to catch a taxi back to my new home. Luckily an AUC student with typical Egyptian hospitality stopped me and asked if I needed a ride. Thanks to Farida, I found the well-hidden apartment. I haven’t seen her since, but if she somehow ever finds this blog: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Since then I have lived happily ever after. Well, at least it hasn’t been that bad. The kitchen is extremely dirty after Kobie’s friends baked brownies in our kitchen and didn’t clean up. Well to be honest most of the apartment is dirty but that will change soon, inshallah.


I don’t know if it’s the yellow Mickey Mouse curtains or the freezing cold temperature of my room, but I love my little light-tan room. It actually has some really nice features including a queen sized bed, bookshelf, and desk. Best of all, there are French doors in the back that open to our rare and spacious garden (a God-send in a country like Egypt).


Sadly, my room has not kept up to this level of cleanliness with how busy I have been in the past month. However, it offers everything I could ask of it… well except for WIFI. The lack of internet access is one reason my post have been sporadic and few in number. Hopefully we will soon have WIFI after resolving just another issue with Egyptian bureaucracy. Never the less it is a step up from my situation as homeless the first day of classes.

So it’s official. I have traded the walled and secluded confines of the AUC community for that of the walled and secluded confines of the Rehab community.


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