10 Things I Miss Most about Home

Being away from home for 4+ months makes a person miss a thing or two. I wanted to share some of the things I miss most and wanted to go beyond the obvious friends and family categories. Did I? Not really. Also notice the prevalence of food on this list. It turns out taste is really important for memory.

10. Milkshakes – And I mean REAL milkshakes. The first time I noticed milkshake on a menu here in Egypt, I had to order it. What was brought to me was just liquefied ice cream. A milkshake should be thick…. so expect to see me at Dairy Queen for blizzards at least a few times when I get home.

9. DS Dates with Friends – Mac and Cheese pizza here I come!

8. Ice – Sure there’s ice here in Egypt. Frozen water wasn’t invented by America. However, it’s nowhere near as prevalent here. When your drink is served with ice it’s a miracle that just ends up reminding you of home.

7. Mandatory Family Functions – Yeah those really boring ones where I can’t wait to leave. Except for Christmas brunch. But the only reason I want to stay at that one is the quiche. Anyways, it turns out that those functions are a really nice way to see all of your family in once place.

6. Chipotle Burritos – If you ask me, these one-pound Tex-Mex delights are practically a human right.

5. Playing Violin in The Concordia Orchestra – I miss my violin enough as it is. Every time I see someone carrying a violin case in Egypt I freak-out. But besides the GOURD-geous instrument I haven’t played for 4 months, I miss the orchestra that has taken me around the US and around the world. I can’t wait to be reunited with the lovely humans (as nerdy as they are) in the fall for a final year with a domestic tour, retreat with these crazy humans, senior soloists, the famous Concordia Christmas Concerts, and a two-hour program of only Russian composers I have been excited about for about a year.

4. Late Night Perkins Trips with Kevin – Being I am currently in finals week, this one is particularly striking. These early morning trips (as late as 4am) are the mainstays of a good GPA.

P.S. It’s not just Perkins. We also frequent Village Inn, Fryin’ Pan (frin pan as we would say), and Pizza Patrol for our late night study snack desires.

3. Iced Tea – How many times have I had real iced tea in Egypt? And I’m talking about the REAL brewed tea WITH ice in it. Once. It was amazing. My friends were disgusted by how excited I was. I couldn’t handle it.

2. Hugs From Mom – Actually I think about it all the time. Most of the time I would love nothing more than to give a hug to my mom. Anytime someone mentions their mom, I think of mine. Love you, Mom.



1…My Roommates

This is a hard one to write about. When you’re around someone 10-18 hours a day you grow close to them. Then imagine choosing to spend that much time with them. We all live under one roof and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Alisa, Colten, Hannah, Kevin, and Steph (in alphabetical order because I love them all equally) have amazingly special places in my heart. I love and miss all of my crazy adventures with them. From getting drunk off of champagne during finals week for a Christmas goodbye for Steph and dancing a soul train around the house post-gift exchange, to late night cookie dough runs, to family dinners every Sunday, I miss them a ton.

The saddest part about it is that when I return next in the fall, the house won’t be the same. One of us will have graduated and two will have moved out (Kevin and Alisa). All of the memories I’ve made under that roof take number 1 for making “the best years of my life” an unforgettable experience.


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